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Izu-chan Cake and Coffee House

Serving you some yummy J-POP and manganime

16 December 1989
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Well,my real name is Nur Izzati and I live in Malaysia...L.O.V.E all about Japan and still appliying college...I am a student who are spending all my money for things like CD`s and etc...[Fangirl power~!]

I`m just a simple girl on the outside but a complex girl inside..(~_~)
There`s only a few things in my head....Which is..:

-My favourite J-Pop band [NewS (^o^),KAT-TUN,Kanjani8,Arashi,Johnny`s Juniors(YaYaYah,Kis-My-Ft etc..)n any J-Pop band as long as it is from Johnny`s Entertainment]

-My shoujo home-made comics that are still in process..(~_~)


-All my icons I got from Miyu-chan..You can meet Miyu-chan at www.elegant-koyama.site.voila.fr

Feel free to add me as your friend...(^_^)
like i`d just said..